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Direct Asset Finance
Asset Finance

Acquiring capital equipment is a major commitment for many businesses. How that acquisition is funded requires careful planning. It can often make sense for businesses to look for ways of spreading the cost of acquiring an asset, to coincide with the timing of the revenue generated by the business. Small and medium sized businesses often rely on short term funding, such as bank overdrafts. However to grow successfully, planning for the medium and long term is recommended. There are a number of types of finance available to help small and medium sized businesses put together a financial package to suit their needs.

By securing the finance against the asset itself, asset finance provides you with another line of credit leaving your existing borrowing facilities undisturbed and unlike some credit facilities, such as bank loans and overdrafts, the repayments remain fixed throughout the term of your agreement regardless of interest rate rises, so you can plan your cash flow accordingly.

The term of the agreement can be designed to suit your specific requirements and if your business is seasonal, we can even tailor your repayments to suit the income stream of the business. By avoiding up front capital expenditure, budgets can be maximised and costs spread more efficiently to conserve your cash flow. You'll also be able to take advantage of certain tax benefits.

Our expertise is to deliver to your business the most appropriate finance solution, at a competitive rate, in an efficient manner, providing a personal and professional service.



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